We offer concussion management in Etobicoke to treat a wide range of concussion symptoms and guide you with your safe transition back to work, sports and socializing.

Concussions may happen because of a hit to the head, neck, face or somewhere else on the body that makes the brain move quickly back and forth inside the skull. While everyone’s concussion experience is different, concussions can cause physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms. These may effect parts of life such as going to work or school, being physically active, playing sports and taking part in family and day-to-day activities.

At Etobicoke Physiotherapy, we have experience treating patients with a range of concussion symptoms. Treatments are individually tailored to a patient’s needs, but may include vestibular retraining, cardiovascular testing, cognitive training, balance training and manual therapy for the neck area. While most concussions resolve in a matter of weeks, some people will have persistent symptoms. Your recovery may take longer if you return to school, work or sports too soon. Our therapists provide effective education, guidance and therapy to patients who present with new concussions or many months after a concussion has occurred. We provide guidance to help our patients with their safe transition back to work, to socializing and to sports.

Concussion Management Etobicoke


At Etobicoke Physiotherapy we have designed a standard Concussion Rehabilitation Treatment plan. However, this treatment plan is continuously tailored to each patient’s needs and how well they respond to it. One plan is for recent injuries that involve six steps: education, symptom relief, desensitization therapies, balance training, neck rehab therapy and lastly a stepwise approach to get the individual to return to normal functionality level. Our Physiotherapists are trained experts and will help you at all stages of the process and will design therapies based on your individual needs.

The second type of treatment plan is for longer lasting concussions. In this condition, we have six types of therapies: sub-symptom cardio exercise, vision rehab therapy, vestibular rehab therapy, cognitive rehab therapy, activity reconditioning and lastly, stepwise return to normal functional activities. Your physiotherapist will design each component based on your individual needs and will continuously work with you while readjusting the treatment plan to help you achieve normal functionality.


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